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For more  information about  our females (but in the czech language)  and photos you can look for  HERE

At this moment (2015) we have these stud female:

Jch. Cléra z Dašického zátiší   HD B/B, ED 0/0, DM n/n

 breeding code: H1, K2, W2

height: 50 cm     date of birth: 16.5.2012

In year 2015 we are plaining her 1. litter

Cléra is the beautiful and typical representativ of the breed.  She graduated in his 2 years 8 shows and acquired the following titles: 3x CAJC, 3x BOJ (The best of junior in the Special klub dog show 2013) , 2x CAC, 2x r. CAC, Juniorchampion









Ch. ČR Wendy z Dašického zátiší  HD A/A, ED 0/0 

 2x CAJC, 4x Res. CAC, CAC, National Winner, 2x Best of Junior, CAC ČMKU, Czech Champion 

 height: 51 cm     date of birth: 24.6.2010

 breeding code: K1, W2










Mother of litters:  E, H






Ch. ČR Victoria z Dašického zátiší     HD C/A

Czech Champion    4x Res. CAC, 4x CAC,

 height: 51 cm     date of birth: 23.1.2010

 breeding code:  K2, W2










Mother of litter - B, F, CH




Our breeding females were:

Jch, Ch. ČR  Keisy  z  Dašického zátiší     DKK A/A, DLK 0/0 

Juniorchampion, Champion   ČR,  2x CAJC, 2x Res. CAC, 5x CAC, 

 Winner of special  show for chodský dog, 2x National winner

 height: 51 cm     date of birth: 23.11.2006

 breeding code:     I1,K2,U2-10,W2









Mather of litter:  R, T, X, Z, C

V chovu u nás pokračuje její dcera Jch. Cléra






Ch. ČR  Kesie  z  Dašického zátiší     DKK A/A, DLK 0/0

height: 52 cm     date of birth: 23.11.2006

Champion ČR

CAJC, 6x CAC, VT, Kr.V, 2x NV, The best female of breed, The best of junior female special show  NON FCI, Winner of memorial  ing. Findejs ( 2.club dog show)

breeding code:       A1,I2,K2,W2/B1



















   Keisy and

  Kesie  as puppies (4 moths age)










Their mother:

CHEENA Z DAŠICKÉHO ZÁTIŠÍ     dob: 9.10.2004

DKK  A/A    2x r. CAC,  pass an exam LA1 (agility)