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Will the Puppy have FCI pedigree



Will the Puppy  have FCI pedigree  ?


A Puppy  from the Czech breeding will   have FCI pedigree.

Just check that the litter is registered in the Club friends of Chodský dogs on the website  .

A Puppy from abroad (outside Czech republic): - here  it is more complicated.

The Chodský dog breed is now  recognized  at some national organizations (falls  under the FCI) .

Namely:  in the Nordic countries, in Slovakia and in Switzerland.
There they are given FCI pedigree for puppies if  the parents  have FCI pedigree and if they are  registered in their stud book.

Yet even in these countries all puppies don't have   FCI pedigree.


I recommend contacting  the  Clubs  for breeders of Chodský dogs  in those countries (for information) .
Contacts for Clubs (or some member of the club) I'll disclose in the section CHD in Europe

Great caution  should be taken when somebody wants to buy a puppy in  Germany.
Here, according to my information, the puppies don't have  FCI pedigree.

But, unfortunately, not only in Germany.

(Outside FCI, there are other canine organizations. These organizations aren't accepted of  the FCI.)

Therefore it 's  necessary  to look  
  at the   pedigree of puppies from Germany.  If they have  characteristic symbols of FCI !!

If puppies haven’t  FCI pedigree -
in future they will not be allowed to neither  participate in FCI exhibitions  nor be able to intervene in the breed.

Therefore I recommended to  identify,   whether  pedigrees of the parents have
FCI symbols  and also to find out which stud book exposes pedigrees for the puppies.
Before buying a puppy Chodský dog outside the territory of the Czech Republic.