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Where to get important information and how oriented in them


Good breeders know that the basis for good breeding is representative of the breed high quality, which isn't a random product, but it's  offspring  after high-quality  the  ancestors and from  balanced quality litter. Of course, beter  puppies are more expensive.
Website of  Club friends chodsky dogs  contains important information.
I would like to help for  interested persons about this breed  to oriented  between these informations.

Into the pictures I wrote the big letters. Toward each one letter is (below in the text) legend.

Every chodsky dog has own card in the database.

                                                  1. picture, letter X.



Letter - LEGEND :

A = date of birth          

B = hip dysplazia (HD)

C =   ED  elbow dysplazia -  is optional test.

D =   code of leakage juniors (age 7 – 15 month) , carried  accordig to breeding card

E =   ,,bonitační kód“  =  breeding code (according  breeding card) .It's code from ,,BONITACE"
This bitch yet didn´t attend ,,BONITACE", therefore this box is free.

F = in this box writes  a mark from  special dog show  or club dog show (it is a compulsory condition for participation in the breeding of Chodský dogs Czech owners. Dog must obtain a valuation V = excelent  or VD = very good).
Awards received on these shows has for dog owners Chod highest value!
Don't write obtained titles, only a mark.

G =   in this box writes  a mark from  all  dog show

H = tests (exam of all sports)



= the actions to which the expert committee assesses whether an individual is suitable for breeding.

It is the most important assessment during the life of the dog.

The evaluation is done by breeding card. Breeding card is in picture 5.
Every important exterior  bodily charakteristic, but also behaviour and nature,  are  labeled with letter.  (Behind slash.) For example : A = height.
In this breeding card are  describe deviations from the ideal of standard.
Ideal = 0 .

The letter, to which belong  0 is not displayed in the code. Only if the individual was ideal in all respects, the code was expressed as A0.
An empty box means that the individual has not been on the ,,BONITACE"

Simply we can say that the greater the number of letters contains code is the more differences compared to the ideal of the individual.
The higher the number, the deviation is  a more serious.

Picture 2 - breeding code E/R 


Description breeding code (letter E/R) in detail - picture 3







height                                  +1 cm p.56
shape of the ears             longer
carrying  ears                    broadly
color eyes                         
light brown
markings                           standard markings, little importance
pigmentation makings     moderately deep markings


Picture 5

Here is old ,,bonitační kód“  =  breeding code, that was used  before 2000