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My name is Lenka Metelková. With my family (with my husband Miroslav and younger son Tomáš)  and our dogs we live on the edge of a very small town Dašice (near  the town Pardubice), right on the Loučná riverside.


 We have  been breeding  Chodský dogs since  1996. Our first  female Chella Prima Nova (photo below) had a lot of extended markings, but otherwise was quite a typical representative of the breed.Obrazek








Her very typical son Jch. Blesk z Dašického zátiší (died at the age of 15 years) remained in our family at my parents.  He became a very sought-after stud dog (he has more than 100 children). We later bought some female Brita and Bessy ze Zelených luhů.
From the parental connection (Blesk and Brita) we retained the female Cheena, (at 2018 is she  still health) . All of our current breeding females are her daughters or granddaughters.


From our litters specimens are very successful in versatility training (for example Gar has the highest testing and at the same time is Champion of the ČR).

Ozzy has got special certificate  (IPO3 a special certificate for the search of drugs) and also  has  excellent obedience and versatility. Ozzy is Winner in the competion for Chodský dog in performance for several years (since 2011).
Other are successful in alternative dog sports (agility - Nica, dog dancing - Meiblees, ..) and training rescue dogs (Troi, Old Grace), etc.

Breeding has produced a long list of successes in Dog shows. In some litters there are many individuals with the title of the Champion ČR from dog shows.

Our females are the absolute top in this breed.

Our Kesie, Keisy  and Cléra  won Club and Special breed dog show.  ( This is more valuable than their several championships).

Also -  our offsprings:  Lee,  Navaro a Chester  won this tituls .

But - we consider the most important: the excelent health and longevity individuals from our breding. 

The choice of parental couples is subordinate to this idea.

We also  choose the future puppy owners from our kennel.
Only select (elite) owners ,,can boast,, that they managed to get a puppy from kennel ,,z Dašického zátiší,,.